7 Useful Tips For Getting Properly Organized During Your Move

A move from one home to another means you are a welcoming person and don’t scare easy. Well, yes, moving could be a really scary process because your mind will be on the constant treadmill of tasks. The most treacherous thoughts that will hit you, again and again, include ‘What am I missing? What did I not pack? Did I overpack? What do I leave behind? etc. But, fear not as we have ‘7 useful tips for getting properly organized during your move’ which will come handy.

For starters and before we get to the list, Congratulations on the move! How far away are you relocating too? Will you need logistical help with manpower or your friends and family are going to help you out? Did you ask your family and friends for help? Do you have packing material ready? These questions are important as they establish groundwork.

Useful Tips for Packers and Movers
Useful Tips For Packers and Movers

Okay, time for the 7 useful tips for getting properly organized during your move.

Tip- 1 : Procrastination is your evil twin: Did you know that the habit of procrastination is genetically linked? Start small but start. Pack the small things packed for starters. Start with the non-essentials or the least essentials items. Start making labels or divide the items to be packed into fragile and non-fragile. Start cleaning the kitchen wares like the stove, oven, toasters, etc. Check the durability of items and see if you can sell them and buy new pieces after you shift home.

Tip-2 : Divide & Rule: No, you will not be running for office? You will need a strategy to start organizing and what better way to pack items than room wise. This will help you unpack and arrange items room wise once you are ready to do so. It also helps you in not missing out items or leaving any essentials behind. You can eliminate whatever you don’t need and keep what you need room by room. This tip is the easiest to follow amongst all the ‘7 useful tips for getting properly organized during your move’.

Tip- 3 : Labeling: In the scheme of packing, labeling should be made a priority. Labeling is your back-up plan in case you need it to seek a refund from the packers and movers or while making insurance claims. You come up with a list of items in the process of labeling which help you with the packed box-counting, fragile items packing and everyday essentials stuff that are to be packed at the last minute like your laptop, chargers, hair trimmer, etc.

Tip- 4: Strength of packing materials count: Many of us scout for boxes thrown away by the liquor stores and even grocery stores but are they sturdy enough. For starters, the packing cartons of liquor are not that sturdy and tuff because they are usually moved around by hand or in trolleys and have a weight capacity. The same goes for the cartons of grocery items. They are used for moving from one hand to another and do not have the resistance capacity. Invest in good quality packing materials because they will be carrying the fruits of your hard labor.

Tip – 5: Don’t freeload: Yes, the items in your home are what you bought but do you need all of them. Aren’t there a few pieces that need to stay back or maybe get exchanged? You could hold a yard sale, give items for free, or maybe even donate. Carrying extra items will just make you pack more boxes, load the unnecessary weight, and then unpack and maybe even throw the items away later. No hard feelings here but shifting home and packing are the right time to shrug off the extras. Many would feel this tip is the harshest of all the ‘7 useful tips for getting properly organized during your move’.

Tip-7 : Now we need to go through tip number again. When we mentioned attack to pack room by room we also meant to be careful about the valuables. Your bedroom holds lockers so all the important legal documents, passport, bank paper works, etc could be in there. Do not pack these with the bedspreads and pillow covers! Place them safely in your suitcase or laptop bag which will not get out of your site. Remember if you missed packing your TV you could buy another one but legal documents will take more of your time if misplaced.


To-do list-checked

Mentally prepared-checked

Items will be packed by you-checked

Packing materials-checked

With all the above under control, you are good to start packing and take your leave from this home and move on to the next. Hope the above 7 useful tips for getting properly organized during your move prove their worth. Don’t forget to meet all the old neighbors and exchange pleasantries. Give them your new home address so that they can pass along any important letters which might come in your absence. Happy home shifting!!

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