Be aware of fraud packers and movers

Office or home relocation experts are hired with the intention of easing stress on oneself, but as it turns out not all packers and movers are professionals. Discrepancies in bill amount, damage to goods, missing items, etc. are the major issues that occur. Hence, hire packers and movers after checking their reliability.

be aware of fraud movers

How to avoid getting duped and get the best office or home movers in the business?

Find the best home relocation providers – make a list of the services you will need. Not everyone chooses packing services or storehouse services. So, start with a list. If you are moving to a different state within India say like Pune, Bangalore or Delhi look for interstate moving companies. International movers who offer services like interstate moving often have high service charges. Choosing local packers and movers would be enough for your relocation needs.
Start by asking for references – Ask recommendation of packers and movers from friends, neighbors, and family. By, this it is understood that the recommended relocation experts have a satisfactory track record and loyal customers.
Browse them up – Go through local web pages that can give you the information about the local movers which are interested to hire. Ratings, reviews, contact numbers and addresses of the moving company’s office in your destination city will be worth to note. Do not fall for moving companies who ask for money just to access their site. See the dates of their press releases and rating or reviews. We can come to know since how long the company is active and is legit.
Say no to brokers – it may seem very tempting to hand over our worries to brokers, but this kind of meddling might prove to be a loss for you. Also, insurance claims are weak if a third party is involved. Hiring a third party or broker means you do not know the exact packers and movers cost. No transparency in billing or services at times. Missing out on this information could mean you are either overpaying or some services are missing.
Choose trusted information sources – of course, you will value the advice or references given to you by your friends and relatives. But in case you want to do some background checks on your own seek the help of yellow pages. You will find ratings, reviews, and comments about the relocation service providers which will give a fair idea about who you dealing with.
Check for licensing – a genuine packing and moving company have much-needed registration and licensing documents always in order. Also, ask for motor carrier licenses as well of the interstate movers are using motor vehicles.
Insurance and reimbursement clauses – check for insurance claims and reimbursement clauses before signing the deal. Understand all the clauses well and ask questions. Ask more information about the warehouses or storehouses used. Ask about the packing material used, labeling and unloading and unpacking clauses.

Getting duped by moving companies has not been unheard of hence be very vigilant. If you seek stress-free moving then go for trusted packers and movers or else do good background searches.

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