Hire the Experts to Help You Relocate Elsewhere

Hiring the right packers and movers is a difficult job. If you are a novice the below guidelines will definitely help you to overcome the challenges and find the best packing and moving company.

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Basic information: Some people tend to hire a relocation company services without knowing their corporate office address and without checking whether they are a authorized service provider in this industry or not later when the problems arise they make a futile attempt to check their background & etc. To avoid this unwanted situation and to avoid unprofessional sub-contractors and freelance carriers who pack and move through the unprofessional daily laborers, know the basic information like permanent address, names of the concerned persons, since when they are in this business, etc., their company profile.

Invite relocation adviser: Give a call to the relocation company and they will send their surveyor to your place and he will make an estimate of the charges based on your inputs and requirements. You can ask him any clarification you want and he will also explain to you how they can be helpful to you in order to customize your relocation requirements.

Prefer professional packers and movers: Hire the experienced professional relocation company, as they will have trained crew members are diligent in packing and moving all sorts of goods and also know the practical knowledge of documentation. Never hire a relocation company which engages third parties to pack and/or move your goods to the new location. It is always better to hire a relocation company which is having a Pan-India presence as they will engage their own trained personnel instead of third parties. Before hiring, ask for referrals and verify the relocation service standards and also ask for the warehouse facility and payment mode. Always prefer to hire relocation company who allows you to pay through online payment or in the form of a A/c payee cheque on the name of the relocation company as this will help you have the proof of payment.

Safety first: Diligent handling is needed while packing, loading, moving, unloading and arranging according to your requirement at your new location. The quality of the packing material used by the relocation service providers will decide the level of safety of your goods and see whether the relocation company is using high-quality packing material like strong carton boxes, bubble wrap, packing foam, loose fills, etc., to ensure the safety of electronic goods, home appliances, artworks, sculptures, cutlery and other fragile goods.

On time delivery: By the time you reach your new location, household goods or office goods must be made readily available to you by the relocation company. For this, on-time delivery is a must. Hire only professional relocation company who assures you on time delivery to avoid unwanted troubles. Some relocation companies maintain backup vehicles to send them as alternatives in case of breakdown of the vehicle. It is better to hire these companies as they will manage to deliver your goods within the assured time schedule.

Pet animal relocation: If you have to relocate your lovable pet animals, hire only those who can prepare the needed documentation, certification, carry the veterinary health checkups and move them under customized environment by road or air along with food requirements, first aid kit and caretaker.

Vehicle relocation: If you have to relocate your precious automobiles, hire only those who have their own experienced vehicles relocation team equipped with towing vans customized car carriers.

Post relocation services: Some relocation companies only pack and move the goods to the destination and delivery them. They do not arrange them at your new place as per your requirements. Ask the relocation company before hiring whether they help you in arranging your goods as per your convenience and proceed further.

Warehouse facilities: It is always better to go for home movers or office movers who have warehouse facilities because if for any unforeseen reason you are not in a position to take the delivery of your goods at the new location, you can easily make use of warehouse/storage facilities.

Ask for a written agreement: While accepting the relocation assignment, professional relocation companies give written relocation agreement with pick up date, delivery date, charges for each service including GST, important phone numbers, your rights and liabilities, their duties and responsibilities, including insurance conditions etc., It is always preferable to hire such relocation companies because these precautionary measures avoids most of the unnecessary litigations.

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