How Big Companies Can Manage Employee Relocation During COVID19?

The big and professional companies have resources to help their employees relocate during the COVID 19 pandemic. To shed light on ‘How big companies can manage employee relocation during covid19?’ here a few pointers-

  1. Big companies are making it mandatory for the employees to work from home only. This relocation could be at the employee’s home in the city or the countryside or even a new place. It is the responsibility of the company to support their employees during the move.
  2. Companies should pay for the packing and moving services to be used. They should also check with the hired packers and movers about their safety precautionary practices during such times. Companies should seek proof of heightened safety measures from the moving services as part of their relocation policy.


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  1. Some companies are even going the extra way to support employees to take care of their little ones by providing reimbursement for the daycare services.
  2. Helping employees set up home offices is another way of big companies managing employee relocation.
  3. If the employee doesn’t have a home at the new area of relocation then the big companies are stepping in and renting out service apartments for them that have all the basic amenities and essentials.
  4. In case the employee gets sick or infected during the move then the big companies are stepping by handling the hospitalization charges as well as paying them salary on time.
  5. The big companies are also giving out the printed manual of sanitization practices so that their employees can take care of themselves as well as their family members.
  6. Companies are even reimbursing bills for purchases employee made to set up the home office. The employee can purchase a desk, chair, and some accessories to ensure smooth work from home.
  7. Big companies are even providing employees with online learning and development opportunities.
  8. Professional companies are providing the employees with a checklist of items they need to take with them for the relocation. This tends to reduce stress on the employee.
  9. Companies are hiring professional cleaners to help the employee sanitize their new location.
  10. The human resources team is at all times geared up for a virtual meet to talk to the employee about any concerns or issues.
  11. Many companies even help the employee to lease or rent out their homes.
  12. Companies make sure that the employee has all the paper intact to take charge of work at the new location. As a part of the ice breaking process, the companies set up virtual introduction meetings and briefs before the relocation itself.
  13. Companies make sure that the relocation policies are easy to understand and not too big or heavy with the words. They prepare easy to answer questionnaires and forms.

Even though COVID 19 is an unforeseen calamity, every company should have policies in place for events like these. How big companies can manage employee relocation during covid19 could be different from each other. They always have the employees’ best interest in mind. It is also up to the employee to ask the employers for certain adjustments if the policy doesn’t cover it.

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