How do you handle Servers, Laptops, and IT equipment moving?

If you thought shifting homes is a mammoth task, then packing and moving servers would seem impossible. That’s where Professional office relocation experts step in. Moving IT equipment is a very delicate feat. If you are looking to relocate your entire office or headquarters, then moving your IT equipment too is a fair choice. Look for IT equipment packing experts who can move your valuable data across without any losses. The IT office packing and moving experts, you must be looking should be equipped to handle servers, desktop or floor standing printers, UPS units, computer screens, routers, switches, and laptop.


Professional office moving company should take various measures in order to deliver IT equipment safe and sound to its destination. The professional office relocation providers which you hire should be able to move

  • Data array
  • Switches
  • Single and multiple data servers
  • Server racks
  • Battery back-ups
  • Optical storage
  • UPS units
  • Data centers

The professional office packers and movers that you need should be able to package various kinds of tools and servers which are dismantle by IT Technical team. Make sure they use special computer boxes or moving crates to safely transport the servers.

Regular office shifting does not require much perfection but the transfer of servers need perfect shifting services. The key pointers for server are:

  1. Proper and safe packing with good materials
  2. Loading and unloading efficiency

Packing Material and Methods- Demo/live servers, disk arrays, routers, storage racks, and switches are high valued equipment and should be handled with utmost skill. The packing or moving company hired should be using carton boxes designated for servers or plywood boxes, bubble sheets, corrugated sheets, fragile tapes, and masking tapes. Efficient packing will allow servers and other goods to be moved safely and easily with no chance at damages.

So, to sum it all up, the qualities you are looking for in the best office furniture movers are

  • Expertise in handling storage, servers, and switches
  • Best packing material

Data is the heart and soul of a company and if anything were to happen to it during shifting would set the company back and incur an unimaginable loss. Hence, hire the only those packers and movers in the office relocation industry that offer the best solutions for your office needs.


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