How to safely pack your antiques, pictures, and paintings for moving?

Think relocation and the question that comes to mind is ‘How to safely pack your antiques, pictures, and paintings for moving?’

safely pack antiques

Well, it’s going to get simple as this article here is going to break it down for you. Fragile items like antiques, pictures, and paintings need to be handled with care hence also packed with care.

Adequate supplies– you do not want out of supplies amid packing. Prepare well in advance by accessing the number of items that need to be packed. Stock up on the essential supplies to have a hiccup-free packing experience. Buy adequate bubble wraps, cardboard boxes or frame boxes of various sizes. Also, stack up on soft papers for the extra cushioning the fragile items need. Also make sure you have tapes, highlighter pens, and markers.

Stains-Believe it or not, some packing materials leave stains or etch on the glass. Take newspapers for example, even when not wet they can still leave a mark of ink on the glass. Also, even some high-quality packing tapes can get some glue stuck on paintings and glasses. Also, be careful with parchments as they can scratch up the surface of items they are holding.

Systematic packing-Simply wrapping the antiques, pictures, and paintings with papers is not enough. It is important to follow the thumb rule of packing for fragile items.  You will have to first double pack the antiques, pictures, and paintings in a soft material like a cloth or felt. This will ensure that other packing materials like tapes and newspaper do not leave any mark on them. If you are going to place the paintings and frames in a box make sure the edges are adequately padded. You can use soft tissues, old cloth pieces, and even newspapers.

Mark them– Sometimes even after doing the packing, we forget which box contains what. Hence mark them well. Use a fragile wrapping tape or simply write over the box. Some packers and movers use color codes to differentiate between fragile and non-fragile items.

Home shifting is itself not an easy task and fragile items do not make things easier. Planning and efforts in safely packing antiques, pictures and paintings go a long way to ensure they reach the destination scratch-free.

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