How do you pack fragile items or crockery, paintings and decorative articles?

A four walled structure was made into a home with items carefully and loving bought by you over the years. It would be sad to lose a piece or two of these cherished pieces just because you are too lazy or lousy during packing. So, how to avoid the tragedy of items breaking under your care? Well, there a few tips that will prove helpful so read carefully.

pack fragile items

  1. Start the preparation in advance– Last minute hustles do not save much. Packing fragile items takes time. No need to rush or act hasty. If hiring packers and movers then book in advance to start packing items like crockery, decorative pieces and paintings early.
  2. Tools– Having the right tools is much important. You wouldn’t want to staple covers on the fragile pieces. Due to friction while shifting, staples would leave marks on the expensive items. Use packing tapes, packing papers, bubble wraps, cardboard’s which are pliable, scissors and stretch wraps.

A list of the most common fragile items and their packing

  1. Plates/dishes– Each plate from your precious crockery should be packed with bubble wrap and placed vertically on top of each other in small to medium size cardboard boxes as per size of the plates. Use crumbles paper in between to provide a cushion like cover. Do not over pack the boxes with crockery. Pack large dishes by place crumbled paper in between them. Ready made plate or dish pack boxes are also available in the market.
  2. Glasses– You can bubble wrap the glasses and stuff crumbled paper inside the glasses to reduce spaces. If you want to pack all your glasses in one box, then place the heavy glasses in the bottom and place lighter ones on the top. Place papers in the spaces after all the glasses have packed and fit in the box. Again, do not over pack or place any smaller items in the glasses. You can even use old clothes, socks and sweaters to pack.
  3. Lamps– The lamps should be packed and boxed flat side down. The lining of the box can also be lined with lots of paper or old sweaters instead. You can bubble wrap as well depending on convenience.
  4. Painting/frames/photos– You can bubble wrap individual pieces of these items and carefully stack them in medium size boxes lined with paper or old clothes. Frames can also be packed in wrapping paper and stretch packed into one but that can get heavy to lift. If the paintings are over 3 feet in height/size then use blankets or plastic wraps to secure them.
  5. Special items– Now these may include antique items like an oyster shaped wash basin, crystal flower vases, etc. Place a piece of cardboard below the item and one piece above it. Fold the edges of the cardboard’s and start securing a tape all round them. Do not go shy with the tape and use as much as you can. You can even use bubble wrap as well. Label moving boxes as fragile.

If you are hiring relocation experts they come equipped to handle fragile items like dishes, plates, paintings, etc. But, do your own homework as well just to keep your items extra safe.

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