Personal international relocation process with professional movers

Hi there! Are you moving abroad? If you are then you must be thinking about the packing and moving involved. Well, there is not too much to worry because hiring an international relocation expert can simply the process.

personal international relocation

Long distance moves are not easy. There will be a cultural shift, lifestyle changes and other challenges that only the person involved will experience. However, one common problem can be taken care by hiring an international relocation company. So is national packing different to international packing and moving? Yes, it is on many levels. Read on to know more.

Make THE LIST– International shifting means there are items you will not need like your car, any electronics, etc. so make the list. This will give you a clear idea about the big items that are not needed and which ones are needed. Professional international packers and movers will move your stuff across borders through flight or ship cargo.

Clothes– They are essentials and carrying more than 2 or 3 suitcases will make it difficult for you to move around in the airport and also in the transit. The solution is packing them in vacuum sealed bags. International relocation services will pack them for you once you have decided on which ones you need.

Household decorative pieces– These items hold sentimental value most of the times and have memories associated with them. International packers and movers will pack them well by using bubble wrap and newspapers. You need to know which ones you are taking along on your international trip.

Furniture and electronics– Yes, people relocate internationally with their furniture and electronics. These pieces actually make you feel at home at your new place as you are familiar with them. Again, not all pieces of furniture are required so chose which ones are making the trip.

Packing materialLong distance moves means you need good quality material for packing that can withstand turbulence, wear and tear, etc. cardboard boxes are great, but some international movers go a step further and seal the boxes completely with plastic wrap as a just in case precaution.

Labeling– Label the boxes clearly with waterproof markers or printed paper. Use a list system or take photos, whatever you are comfortable with.  This saves time during unpacking and international packing and moving professionals actually do it for you. You can use terms like fragile as well, so that the packed boxes are handled with care.

Insurance coverage– Get insurance coverage on the items. This will be a safety measure for the investment you are putting in for international relocation which is not cheap compared to the domestic move.

Warehouse and store facility– Sometimes it is difficult to arrive at the destination the same time your stuff is going to so make arrangements of storage with the international mover you have hired. Check their warehouse and storage facility and ask for GPS service which is common these days.

Doing an international shift is not easy but can be tackled with planning. Hire reliable international packers and movers for stress free moving.

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