Is it Safe to Move During COVID 19 Pandemic? Who to Trust for Relocation Services?

The question about is it safe to move during the pandemic is entirely a personal choice and depends on how urgent the need to move is? Lockdown had been applied to various cities but is now being marginally lifted as part of strategic economic reform.  In this read, we are trying to understand if it is safe to move during COVID 19 pandemic and about whom to trust for relocation services?

Is it safe to move during COVID 19 pandemic?
Is it safe to move during COVID 19 pandemic?

Logistic industry is taking several precautionary measures to maintain the functional aspect of packing and moving business during the lockdown. Let’s understand how the logistics industry is trying to do its best.

The industry is trying to invest more in artificial intelligence which can serve customer information systems. They are trying to investigate more technology-driven transformation. The logistics industry is also trying to formulate ways to support its manpower.

Is it safe to move during COVID 19 pandemic?

There are a few things to understand about moving during the pandemic. It will be possible to have a safe and uneventful moving experience if the below precautions are taken.

  1. Strictly follow the sanitization guidelines laid out by the government and logistical departments.
  2. The everyday items like doorknobs, sinks, toilets, window frames, balcony rails, staircase rails, faucets, etc should be cleaned every time one uses it.
  3. wear gloves and masks at all times during the move
  4. Hire professional cleaners to clean the area thoroughly.
  5. Assert the need for sanitization to all age groups especially kids and elders.

Who to trust for relocation services?

Are you have decided to move during the pandemic then hire the best packers and movers who understand the emergency safety practices needed at this time of the pandemic.

  1. You need to ask them if they can provide proof of sanitization practices like hourly body temperature logs of employees.
  2. Ask the packers and movers if they have helped anyone else in this situation and if they can share the experience.
  3. Check for their licenses and registrations. Do not buy services from movers who are working on expired licenses during the pandemic as it might cause insurance reclaiming troubles.
  4. Talk to packers and movers who are ready for a virtual meet and can give cost estimates over calls.
  5. Understand measures employed by the packers and movers taken to sanitize the tools and packing materials.
  6. Check with them if they have enough crew to help you with your move.
  7. Every loading trucking used in transportation should have sanitizers, gloves, and masks.
  8. Packers and movers should make sure that the drivers and cleaning crews should also be educated about sanitization procedures.
  9. Check the website of packers and movers to see if anyone posted reviews about their experiences.
  10. Inquire if the Packers and movers you are interested in accept online payments as well.

Understandably, companies are trying to make work for home a possibility for all employees but at the same time have to strategically keep the business afloat. You might be required to move to a new location or travel to close deals. Don’t worry about catching an infection but practice all the sanitization instructions.

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