What to do after moving to a completely new city

Apart from the packing and unpacking, what to do after moving to a completely new city? Well, read on because below is a list of ideas

moving to a new city

  1. Address– The first thing you should do is getting to know the correct address and get it updated with the post office. It could be a long process so gets started on it. It is also a great ice breaker to start up a talk with your neighbors. Also, keep checking if the new address has been updated till you get a positive confirmation.
  2. DMV– Yes, a new city means a new license and new plates. Some cities have a strict rule about it so make sure you are not defaulting. Visit the nearest DMV in your new city and sort things out.
  3. Townhall– If you want to get up close and personal with the new city then you should visit the town hall. You will get information about trash days, yard sale permits, street cleaning, recycling, etc. Every city has their own policies so visit the town hall to know more about them.
  4. Hi neighbor– Other than the mail trick, you can introduce yourself to your neighbors as soon as you move in. it also happens that many will come to offer help when they see you move in with your household items. If you don’t need immediate help politely say thank you or else gladly accept their helping hand and get things moving faster.
  5. Explore– Not like looking under the rock but like exploring the new city on foot or bike. You probably won’t start cooking early on as your kitchen will be a mess to it’s a great opportunity to visit local eateries.
  6. Join a club– If the local clubs have activities like swimming or basketball or anything that you then signup. It is a great way to meet local folk with similar interests.

Shifting homes is emotional and physically tiring. The last thing on my mind should not be “What to do after moving to a completely new city?” hopefully the above pointers will you sail through your initial days.

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