Long-distance move versus local shifting

Apart from the distance in between, long-distance move versus local shifting have a lot of variation. The expense involved, the time and stress vary a lot. Below is a list of differences between local and long-distance move.

long distance versus local move

  1. Cost factor– The most obvious difference which can be observed is the cost. Moving locally might not cost you much or nothing at all. Many move locally without a moving agency as their friends and family help them with the shift. For a long-distance shift you have to make sure that the packing is sturdy and sustainable for the entire journey. To tackle this you have to hire reputed and professional packers and movers. Packing costs, storage if need plus taxes will make a lot of difference in terms of cost.
  2. Time– for a local shift you can get things within a day or two. When it comes to moving long distance you will have to start preparing weeks in advance. Get the packers booked, pack the clothes and other personal essentials, sort out stuff you don’t want to take, plan a yard sale or donate, etc.
  3. A plan– when moving to another state or city, you will have to preplan certain things like a place to live. You cannot land up in another city and expect to find a home of your liking readily available to occupy. Many a time you will have to make multiple visits to the new city to sort out housing and mail address. You will also need to understand if you need a new driver’s license or plate number for your car based on the rules of the new city. You will have to notify your credit card and phone bill agencies of the address change. On the other hand, a local shift will not require too much planning. Just an address update in the post office will take care of future letters.
  4. Stress– With 1000 miles or more to be covered during the move, you will certainly be worried about your belongings. Packing and unpacking is a different ordeal but to have your mind and heart racing with thoughts about belongings is stressful. Not only will your stuff be out of sight, but you will also keep wondering if they are going to reach the designated spot on time or not. You will also start to wonder and cross-check the insurance details to be ready for a god forbid situation. You may have access to GPS but it will be irritating and annoying to just keep checking and checking the movement of the goods carrier. You might end up calling the personnel in charge multiple times to make sure things are going on well. In a local shift, you have the luxury of driving along with the delivery vehicle and reach the destination together.
  5. Getting started– when you shift locally, your friends and family may help you clearing and cleaning the new home. They can get things started for you like assembling the kitchen and bedrooms first so that you can settle in fast. But in a new city, you will have to sort out these things on your own.
  6. Packing– you may think that even a local move requires packing. Many times household items are just picked up, loaded in a van and the shifting happens. It could be that easy. But, in a long-distance move, everything needs to be well packed. If you love your china you need to be extra careful and give extra cushioning. The electronics need to be well packed in cartons and bubble wrapped to avoid dents. All the memorabilia, showpieces, photo frames, and mirrors should be well packed as well. There will be lots of things to do and time will appear to run out of hand. Even the minutest miss in packing detail can give way to wear and tear.
  7. Pick a date– Packing a calendar is easy, just roll and carry. It’s the days that matter. For a long-distance move, you will need to take a break from work. Of course, your new job awaits you in the new city but you will have to take a day or two to settle down. You will have to plan your leaves wisely because you want to have plenty saved for the vacations as well.
  8. Kids and pets– Not that these two are very different to handle. You will have to arrange transport for your pet as well and the packers and movers hired may take care of it. It’s important to get kids settled in faster hence school admissions should be a priority.

Long-distance move versus local shifting– both have their own advantages and disadvantages but it’s important to have a stress free experience. Keep your personal items which you need everyday handy in your car. That way even if the house is in shambles, you are still shiny and brand new.

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