Moving Checklist – To move during COVID-19

Covid-19 has halted or the least to say, tricked economy towards a downward spiral. It is a virus that not only infects and spreads but is also claiming hundreds of lives, every day. With information about corona virus leaving us confused here some pointers on Moving Checklist – To move during covid19.

Stay Home everyone and stay safe but those who have to move for a better chance at life or are moving because they have no other choice, please do read this ‘Moving Checklist – To move during covid19’.

Moving Checklist - To move during covid19
Moving Checklist – To move during covid19
  1. Questions for moving company: if you are hiring a moving company, seek insight as to what precautions and recommendations they have to strategize a move against the corona virus and reach the destination safely. Also, ask questions like what measures they intend to take for their personals in-charge of the move including the driver? Are they going to sanitize every item before and after the move? What happens if any crew is diagnosed positive with the virus during the move? Do they have any logistics limit as in kilometers to travel in a day? Is the city you are moving to list within their limits during the Covid crisis? Do you have to schedule the move or are they ready to go? Are the packing materials sanitized?
  2. Virtual meet and greet– we are at that crossroads where personal face-to-face meeting jeopardizes not just your health but also put your family at risk. If you are seeking quotations and estimations from various packers and movers then do it virtually from the safety of your home. The virtual meet even makes it possible for the personnel from the moving company to check out the items to be packed and give you estimation. Open all the closets and rooms so that they can access the packing materials needed and how much manpower will be needed to organize the move.
  3. Re-schedule– You had to move but covid-19 halted the process. But you already paid some amount upfront as advance. What do you do then? Should the amount get refunded? It is wise to just reschedule the move and make sure that the packer and movers hired are compliant to acknowledge the need for a reschedule. Most reputed packers and movers will have no problem rescheduling and are already prepared for requests like these. Before the covid-19 outbreak, packers, and movers were prepared with necessary to be taken during a natural emergency crisis and rescheduling is of it.
  4. Sanitize– Packers and movers will come prepared with sanitized packing material but you also have to make your home safe. Clean the house yourself and do not leave any stone unturned in your sanitization pursuit. Every item that needs to be packed should be cleaned. If possible try to steam all the clothes before packing. Also clean the everyday items that you touch like switches, doorknobs, handles, toilets, sinks, faucets, and electronics.
  5. Welcoming routine– Do not greet the movers and shakers with a handshake as you would usually do but instead go for a smile. They will be wearing gloves and you also would sanitize your hand but a smile is more welcoming and safe during these times.
  6. Maintain distance– during the normal days, you walking around the house and tending to your business would be a very casual thing to do. But, with coronavirus on the loose, maintain six feet distance at all items. You should arrange all the items to be packed in a large open space like the hall so that personals can get about their job without any movements. If they need to pack room by room then don’t be in the same room with them and give them instructions via a checklist.
  7. Wash hands– Try to practice washing of hands every hour or so. Also, remind the movers to wash their hands and sanitize their gloves as well. Use only one restroom of the house and use the kitchen sink for washing hands. Also wipe the light switches, doorknobs, and toiletries near the entrance.
  8. Mask– Ensure that you and the movers are wearing masks at all times. Comply with this rule and do not share food items, water bottles, napkins, and even cutlery. Opt for the use and throw cutlery if you are serving refreshments. Use gloves at all times to serve the food.
  9. When in doubt– Who escapes and who is caught by the virus is a waiting game. If at any time during the move you are in doubt that you may have been exposed to the virus then alert the packers and movers immediately. Get tested in the nearest facility and update them with the test result.

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