Things to do before you start your packing

We all have those ‘where to start’ moments when a lot have to be done. Packing also seems like a never-ending task but we have this covered for you. The below pointers will help you get organized and have a happy packing experience.

things to do before packing

  1. Make a list of items you do not intend to pack. This could be the most difficult to do so, start with this.
  2. Make a packing zone. You wouldn’t want to run around like a headless chicken searching for scissors and tape. By creating a packing zone before the actual task of pack begins ensures that all the packing material is near you and within reach.
  3. Start with selecting and collecting packing materials for the items you have decided to pack. Even if they are newspapers or carton boxes, keep them ready. This step is vital to get organized and start your packing.
  4. Get the labels ready. You will need these to avoid unnecessary commotion of searching things when you unpack. You can prepare labels like kitchenware, fragile, hall decorations, this side up, etc. you can even prepare a list of items boxed up and paste it on the box.
  5. Select good quality boxes. They should be sturdy and strong to hold the household items you will be packing in them.
  6. Memories can get a hold of you. You will want to pack every little item that will remind of the good times you spend in your old home. Take a moment here and resist it. Securely pack all the photo albums and memorabilia. Anything that you feel is just a pile on should be skipped.
  7. Create a setup kit. This simply means that you need to create and organize a tool kit you will need once you are ready to set up your new home. The tool kit can have hammers, nails, spanners, screwdrivers and screws, a drill machine, etc.
  8. Make sure you have all the packing material organized. Assemble the Bubble wraps, tapes, scissors, markers, etc before you start packing.
  9. Some of your items are already packed for example your cloth drawers. You just need to pull them out of the dresser and cover them.
  10. Make sure that items that have a spill and leak chance are packed well and tight.

This list of things to do before you start packing will ensure that you are prepared to handle the task of packing. Packers and movers are also there to assist you in this task if you choose to use their services. Happy packing and unpacking!

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