Things to keep in mind if you are shifting home during the monsoon season

Rains and home relocation’s are not a match made in heaven. Situations during moving homes in the rain can get tricky and out of hand real fast. If you have decided to go with packers and movers then also be ready to shell out more money than the usual. Actually, nobody wants to shift during the rainy seasons, even the movers and packers avoid it but emergencies cannot be predicted. If you are bound to relocate then there are things to keep in mind if you are shifting home during the monsoon season.

shifting home during monsoon

  1. Plan your move– This is the most common thing to do. You cannot plan the rain but you can plan a certain thing like buying waterproof or resistant packing material. Seeking the help of packers and movers during the rains is actually a smart move. They are well aware of the packing requirements for monsoon. You should take the time to sit and think before executing any decision during monsoon.
  2. Laundry– Do not wait till the last day before the move for doing the laundry. You should be able to pack dry and well-folded clothes rather than watery lumps of cloths. Wet clothes are not packing friendly. They only build up more weight and add inconvenience. Wash clothes well in advance and get them ready to pack.
  3. Monsoon gear– This means that stock up on umbrellas and keep your raincoats within reach. It is actually good to store a spare umbrella and raincoat in the car. It so happens that during the packing we pack these rain essentials as well. Hence, take the time and sort out these on priority. It will be quite difficult to unpack and search for raincoats and umbrellas in the midst of the move. Also, buy waterproof footwear because your regular footwear won’t be useful during the rains. The rains not only bring wind and water but also mud. Hence, waterproof shoes will not only keep your feet dry but also lessen the instances of slips and falls.
  4. Type of Vehicle– Do not choose an open body truck that uses plastic covers to protect household items. Apart from wooden furniture, you will also be shifting electronics so any water that seeps in during transit will be the reason for appliance failure. Opt for a closed body truck and stress on it. Do a thorough check for any roof leaks in the closed body truck and use tapes to seal them. This way the items are secure even if there is a heavy downpour.
  5. Insurance– Of all the things to keep in mind if you are shifting home during the monsoon season, insurance is a priority. It is just part of preparing for the worst. Everyone wants the goods to reach the destination on time and with safety. Insurance is just an extra caution you have out there. In case the goods get damaged during transit you will at least get compensated.

Hope the above tips for things to keep in mind if you are shifting home during the monsoon season will give you a head start. Rain is indeed welcome after the treacherous sunny days but it has its own set of flaws which can be worked around with.

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