Important Tips for First Time Expats

Congratulations on your first big move!!! You would be receiving lots of farewell party invites plus lots of advice. With your nerves already at their wits about the whole moving and all, the lists of advice never end. So, what are these IMPORTANT TIPS FOR FIRST TIME EXPATS? Are they really helpful and practicable? Below you will find the list of IMPORTANT TIPS FOR FIRST TIME EXPATS which are actually out of the experience.

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  1. The first go-to tip is never to compare– Yes; the comparison is the first thing we draw out as soon as we land of foreign soil. We are still amongst humans so people will look like you but have a different culture. You might be from New York which is a very resourceful city but your new home town might not be so. Embrace the differences and try things differently.
  2. Do not feel left out– with cellular networks offering great data services and apps like WhatsApp will never let you miss your family and friends. Do not get uncomfortable with the idea of being alone. Think about all the new people you will meet. Try not to find a co-national but rather mix with the locals. Do not think about going home for the first three months.
  3. Experience then decide– never decide if you are going to live there forever before experiencing the new place. Low cost of living seems like a great option in those brochures but what about the other aspects of life.
  4. Minimal– learn how to be specific and minimal. Instead of still spending back home for large storage spaces just save your essential memorabilia and sell the remaining. Ask your friends to accommodate some of your souvenirs while you are away. Money saved can be used in a new country.
  5. Local cuisine– do not overindulge in exotic food at least for the initial days of the move. Your body is still recovering from all the stress and jet lag.

First time of everything is exciting but moving to a whole new country of different cultures and traditions is like a bag of goodies. You will like a lot of things in it but also unlike a few. Experience them all. The most IMPORTANT TIP FOR FIRST TIME EXPATS is patience.


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