Simple Tips for Handling a Last Minute Move

At times even after a lot of planning, there are chances of the entire plan to fall apart. How to be brave when you have to move at the last minute? Not all situations come with a warning. Read the simple tips for handling the last minute move.

last minute move tips

  1. Is the list ready- Trust it when we say that a list makes things a lot easier to move? You will get a clear idea of the things that need packing and the stuff you will leave behind.
  2. Start early- By early we mean literally by the sunrise. Be the early bird and get the task started. If you have already started packing then a near rise will help you finish all the leftover tasks.
  3. Have the supplies ready- If you are doing the packing on your own be sure to be equipped. Get a hold on the free boxes convenience stores give away for free. Buy rolling tapes, bubble wraps and stock up on the old newspapers for the packing. This is an excellent simple tip for handling last minute move.
  4. Target room by room- Pack one room after the other. Pack the kitchen, bedroom and living room items separately and label them. This will help with clearing up the clutter and also easy unpacking.
  5. Clothes- Pack the clothes with the hangers. If you pack the clothes separately they might get wrinkled and you will have to make space for a whole lot of hangers.
  6. Hire professional packers and movers- Yes, if it’s a last minute move and you need to reach your new place soon, hire the professionals. This saves time and you can have a stress-free shifting experience.
  7. What are friends and family for? Ask them for help in packing and moving. If many hands join then packing gets completed on or before time. If all goes well they might even help you with the loading and unloading. This is an efficient simple tip for handling last minute move.

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