Tips to Reduce the Cost of Moving

Now that you have made a decision to hire a professional in the business of packing and moving, it’s time to consider costs. Read on to know some tips to reduce the cost of moving.

tips to reduce cost of moving

  1. Approach and compare quotes- ask for quotes from multiple professional movers in your area and compare them. Check if any hidden costs are mentioned and question them about it. Analyze if the costs include everything from labor, packaging material, moving equipment, storage rent, fuel, etc.
  2. Stay tuned- Look for deals online from packers and movers. During off-season which is summers, you can notice that many sifters offer discounts and offer some additional services as well. If you plan on shifting during the on-season which is winters then maybe you would not find that many lucrative deals but you can try.
  3. Dread the weekend- Plan your home shifting during the week. If you order a weekend packing and moving service then they will charge you extra for the weekend service.
  4. Packaging material- If you intend to buy your own packaging material think again. Instead of saving money you may end up buying more than required and increasing the cost. Ask around your local grocery stores and supermarkets for those big carton boxes which they recycle anyway. This way you get packing material for free.
  5. Yard sale- Take only the memories and their mementos. Question yourself if you need each and every item in your new home. Make a list of the “must have’s” and do away with the “have not’s”. This way you will have limited items to pack and shift which directly lower the cost.
  6. Moving with pets- If you have pets make arrangements for them to be transported with the packers and movers. If you intend on leaving them behind with a neighbor or a friend and then coming back later for them will cost you more.

Hope these tips to reduce the cost of moving come in handy when you are ready to relocate. If you find any new cost-saving tips, do share.

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