Top 10 Guidelines to Follow on Home Shifting During COVID-19

This pandemic is crippling economies yet we are striving for survival. Humans are equipped to think tactically during war or peace hence this pandemic also comes with certain dos and don’ts. In this 5-minute read, you will learn about the top 10 guidelines to follow on home shifting during covid19.

You are going to move during the COVID 19 outbreak and it’s final. With that decision out of the way, have you decided on hiring packers and movers? Is yes, then great but there are still a few more factors to be considered and these guidelines to follow on home shifting during covid19 will help.

Home Shifting Services Due to COVID19 Pandemic
Home Shifting During COVID-19
  1. Chose your movers with care- Have they ever helped relocate anybody else during the pandemic? What sort of sanitation practices do they have in place? are they specifying the precaution taking place to protect their crew and drivers? Any they giving you a list of precautions to ensure a safe move? What measures do they have in place once they identify that their customer has COVID? Please ask questions like these and don’t stop till you get good answers and proof.
  2. Virtual moving cost- Get the estimated costs of your move via a virtual meet instead of an in-house survey. This not only saves time but is also safe. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and your device is fully charges cause the meeting could take long. Better hold the meeting via smartphone so that you can move around and show them the items that need to be moved. Even show them all the cabinets, drawers, and closets. If you are packing some items on your own like the clothes and kitchen cutlery, point it out during the virtual meet. Keep a measuring tape in hand in case the packing company needs numbers.
  3. Rescheduling process- Just as a precautionary measure make arrangements for rescheduling on paper. Be clear on the terms and conditions. Check out the packers and movers refund and extra cost policies. Many professional companies are flexible and will accommodate you on a later date with no hassle.
  4. Sanitation- Hiring professional cleaners during times like COVID is a smart move. You can call them in before the items are packed to ensure every bit, area, and corner is well sanitized. You will educate you on the cleaning supplies that are efficient and which can help you sanitize your new home as well. But you and your family on the other hand should always practice self sanitization and clean regularly used surfaces like doorknobs, switches, faucets, sinks, electronics, handles, and tables.
  5. Your packers and movers have arrived to help you move so don’t go around shaking hands but greet them with folded hands and a smile. You can even serve them refreshments in use and throw cutlery to avoid extra chores.
  6. Always maintain a 6-foot distance between the working crew and yourself. Ask the family members to stay in one room or even better if they stay with friends or extended family for the day. You could even rent service apartments for family members for a day or two till the packing is done.
  7. Sanitize hands always at regular intervals to limit the risk of infections. Don’t lean against walls or rest hands on the cabinet’s tables which are being packed by the movers. It’s normal to get excited and get involved in the process but this is not the time.
  8. Follow the control measure mentioned by the government at all times. It’s better to be alert and safe than be sick.
  9. If you suspect an infection or any contamination, work out an effective containment strategy with your movers and connect with the nearest hospital as soon as possible.
  10. Disinfect your new home with the help of professionals or do it yourself. Make sure that every nook and corner is clean before you unpack your sanitized items.

We hope these Top 10 guidelines to follow on home shifting during covid19 help you with your move. All the very best and wishing you a safe relocation experience. Do lets us know about any extra precautions you have taken to spread the word

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