Types of Moving Companies and How to Choose Professional Movers

There are various types of moving companies and you will find various tips online on how to choose professional movers.

moving companies

Let’s see the types of movers first so that you can choose according to your need.

  1. Local moving companies
  2. Interstate moving companies/long-distance movers
  3. International/overseas packers and movers- shifting items abroad via cargo/shipment
  4. Household packers and movers- packing and moving of household items.
  5. Complete moving services- everything in a home/office will be shifted
  6. Partial packers and movers-you can chose services like only packing, only loading and unloading, only delivery or pick up, etc
  7. Self-service movers-you will be self-packing and loading. A movable storage unit attached to a truck will be provided.
  8. Truck renters- provide only movable storage unit trucks.
  9. Specialty packers and movers-for antiques, wine collections, art collections, musical instruments, etc
  10. Automobile transports- Shifting vehicles and other types of motor vehicles.

How to Choose Professional Movers?

Before you hire just any packers and movers ask a few questions. This will help the moving company in understanding your needs and giving you a fair estimate/quote.

  1. Is this the type of moving service I want? Yes, be sure on the type of movers you want to hire. Do not expect a local moving company to provide service of long-distance movers. Hire a moving company specific to your need.
  2. Liability coverage- Check out if the company provides an insurance cover. A professional moving company will offer liability coverage of various types.
  3. How did you hear about this packing and moving company- if your family and friends referenced you to a moving company, choose it? Do not trust online sources blindly. Go with a moving company which has a good reference.
  4. Get a binding quote- ask for an official estimate or at least a not-to-exceed quote. This ensures you of the credibility of the moving company.

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