What to expect from your packers and movers to move during covid19?

The coronavirus pandemic is upon us and office work can’t be ignored. One always has to earn their bread and butter whether pandemic or no. In situations like these relocating office to home is the best move to stay healthy and alert. It makes sense to hire packers and movers to help you relocate but you also need some guidelines in tuff times like these. The health of your family and you are the priority and any negligence during the move can prove costly or fatal. Here you will read about ‘What to expect from your packers and movers to move during covid19?’

Moving in Covid19 Pandemic
to expect from your packers and movers to move during covid19?

Firstly, is it essential that you move, and is it important that your office should stay functional? If yes, then start reading about guidelines that will assist you to handle your relocation with ease.

Let’s get started on the few pointers about ‘What to expect from your packers and movers to move during covid19?’

  1. Instead of an office survey chose for a virtual survey to get price estimates. Hold a video conference and share your list of items to be moved. It’s possible that you could get an estimate at the end of the call. This will help in sort out costs at the earliest and a smooth transfer can begin.
  2. The packers and movers should give proof os their employee health and screening practices. Many professional packers and movers keep screening logs for safety’s sake. Both customer and manpower health is a priority.
  3. Every truck or moving vehicle should be equipped with hand sanitizers, gloves, and masks.
  4. The heightened measure of self-hygiene by the manpower supplied by packers and movers. They should be aware of sanitizing every surface before touching. All equipment handled by them should be sanitized before and after loading. Even their dispatch areas, warehouses, and working outfits should be sanitized.
  5. Packers and movers will also have to sanitize the packing material before packing. Usually, they use steamers to clean up the surface and inside of packing boxes.
  6. Packers and movers should make sure that they are cleaning doorknobs, switches, sinks, and cabinets or drawer pulls every hour or so to contain the sanitization of the surroundings.
  7. The manpower involved in packing and moving should every other hour sanitize their hands as part of the precautionary measures.
  8. During pandemic times, packers and movers also have self quarantined service apartments which will help you wait out the quarantine period with basic supplies and essentials.
  9. Packers and movers even help you set up an internet connection at the relocated home and office spaces. This will help you save time. If you hire other professionals only for internet wiring services you will have to wait for them to come which might cost you a day or two of no productivity.
  10. Professional packers and movers often come up with their checklist to ensure safe relocations. You will have to adhere to their rules and instructions. Make sure that everyone involved in the move is well prepared and aware.

Moving during COVID 10 crisis is quite a challenge and with kids and pets around, the task gets difficult. Move the packers and movers arrive at the scene of packing, make sure a friend, neighbor or relative is near to give you a helping hand.

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